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I also take maybe 15 or 20 flights a year, often domestic but also to Vienna, Frankfurt or Munich. Zagreb has been undergoing major renovations recently and although they still lack airbridges, things are much better now than they were a few years ago.

A few other comments:

Punctuality is a relative thing. I would say that maybe 30-40% of my flights last year were late (not seriously late but maybe 15-30 minutes). On the positive side of things, they will hold the last domestic flight of the night to Split, Dubrovnik or Pula for almost all incoming international aircraft. So if you're on the 9 pm-ish departure from Zagreb to the coast, you stand a good chance of being 15-45 minutes late.

Their network to Eastern Europe is actually pretty poor (with the exception of the former Yugoslavia); almost all their flights are aimed at Western Europe. So unless you are going to Sarajevo, Skoplje or Pristina (or, of course, Croatia), they are not a good choice for travels to the East. LH & OS within Star Alliance or Malev (OneWorld) or Czech (SkyTeam) are much better options for travel to Eastern Europe.

Their fares are often slightly less restrictive than the corresponding fares on LH or OS. In other words, the minimum stay is shorter or they are more combinable, etc.

Flights take ages to post to M&M. When they post at all. Over the last four years I have written at least half a dozen letters to M&M to request credit.

Seating in biz is 2+2 on the airbii (the middle seat is folded down and the armrest is moved slightly to widen the seat) UNLESS they ae full, in which case they will use the middle seat. Which is frustrating if you're actually paying for biz.

Catering is just OK. OS is much better in biz or even in econ, but the sandwich is better than nothing, I guess.

All in all they are nothing special, but to Croatia, you don't have much of a choice, especially in the off season and especailly to the coast.

They are pretty good during irr ops. It takes a while and it can be pretty chaotic but they will cover the cost of rerouting or overnight accommodations.

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