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OU - Reliable - Y is worth it , C/J no.

I probably take 10-12 OU flight segments per calendar year. They tend to be relatively punctual which is important as I often use Zagreb as a hub for intra-South-East Europe flights, they have good connections with smaller capitals in the Balkans which feed into their flights to Western Europe - FRA/MUC/VIE, LHR etc and vice versa.

Business class is nothing flash. Not really worth upgrading or paying for. They make a bit more of an effort (like JAT and Adria Slovenian) to improve in C/J on their London routes, but otherwise their key thing is punctuality - same with Adria (JP). This differentiates OU and JP from JAT which can be a nightmare, along with MAT, Bulgaria Air, Air Bosnia and Albanian.

For service in Y you will get a whitebread sandwich/roll and option of softdrinks, juice, tea/coffee and depending on the route/time of day beer and wine. The nice touch is the pepper cookie which seems to be their trademark.

Most aircraft are old airbuses with sometimes some cute young female flight attendants staffing them. No IFE to speak of, but most of their flights are well under 3 hours so it doesn't really matter. Like most flights in the Balkans, passengers have a tendency to walk around and talk to their friends.

If you are flying in/out of Zagreb - the airport needs a complete overhaul. Look/feel of 1970s. There is a bar downstairs (often gets crowded), and restaurant airside upstairs which has a good selection of reasonable inexpensive tasty Croatian food and the small duty free store airside on the ground floor is competitive, particularly when it comes to perfumes/after-shave colognes. Also, always bring an umbrella. There are no airbridges at ZAG, so if it is pelting rain, there is often a wait between the bus taking you to the aircraft and entering the aircraft itself.

Lastly OU flights can sometimes take up to 2-3 weeks to credit to your Mileage Plus account, although they almost always post, but like JP, keep your boarding passes just in case.
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