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Originally Posted by Bart View Post
Whether your realize it or not, you just repeated what I said. If the operator can clear the shoes whether inside a bin or in a bag, then the items are clear. If not, then the operator will call a bag check. It's the same thing, you just don't realize it. (Rescreening is always an option but is not mandatory).

Bottom line: you can either help out the x-ray operator or risk spending a little bit more time at the checkpoint. It IS up to you, pal.
Actually, I did not repeat what you said. You said that the SOP is still in place, but it is not being enforced. If that is the case, under what authority do you have to tell your TSO's to ignore the procedure? It has a chilling effect if the policy is in place, but not being enforced until a lone TSO decides to do so.

I agree that in practice, the outcome is probably generally the same. But at any time prior to screening, a TSO can tell me to put my shoes on the belt. If that SOP is in place, then I can't say no. If it is not in place, I can tell him that it is recommended to do so, but not required (and then I will be off to my "continuous secondary screening").

And I don't think that it is current policy. The reason - liability. If it is only recommended, but not required, any damages done to shoes can much more readily be avoided.
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