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Originally Posted by Bart View Post
I'm not calling Blogger Bob a liar. I am simply stating what the correct procedure is. The policy is that TSOs will not correct passengers or force them to put the shoes on the conveyor belt. I've said this in previous posts, and it's consistent with what Blogger Bob is saying on the TSA site.

I'm also saying that if an x-ray operator cannot properly clear images of shoes, whether they are laid directly on the belt or not, then that operator will summon a bag check. If you place your shoes directly on the belt, you increase the likelihood of the x-ray operator being able to clear them without further inspection.

It doesn't matter to me whether or not you put the shoes on the conveyor belt. But you now have some additional insight that may make your security screening a little more smoother.

Some of you will insist on holding your breath until you're blue in the face.

Strange, the DFW TDC drone who clearly stated that shoes must be on the belt did not say they could be in a bin if one so desired.

So is this another of your well trained TSO's just making up rules at the checkpoint or is this another case of TSA rolling out a policy without any thought to the implications of how it would be implemented?

It certainly didn't sound like there was a choice in the matter.
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