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Originally Posted by Bart View Post
Then I'll rephrase: you now know that shoes placed directly on a belt make it easier for an x-ray operator to scan them faster. You don't have to put them on the belt, but regardless what you read on the Blog, unless there's been some change I don't know about, it is still procedure. It's just not being enforced. I still teach officers that shoes ought to be placed directly on the belt but to not get their panties in a wad when they aren't.

You now have a choice of either helping out the x-ray operator or not. That's the ball that's in your court. You don't have to help out the x-ray operator......but don't you get your panties in a wad when the operator decides to call a bag check.

So Bart what I hear you saying is that Blogger Bob Burns of TSA HQ is wrong when he stated that "Shoes on the Belt" was not policy.

Is that it? Your calling Bob a liar?
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