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Originally Posted by RichardKenner View Post
I disagree. I think that page is just fine. It doesn't say "3.0" in one place and "3.4" in another. "3" and "3.4" are compatible. When you write "3", you mean "3 +/- 0.5". If you mean to be more precise, you say "3.0".

So the chart at the is the approximation and what's below is the more precise rule. I don't read it as a "contradiction". Where I have problems is when 3.4 isn't mentioned at all.
In this case there are a lot of items that are 100ml which is 3.38 oz and there are a lot that are under 3. So the TSA NEEDS TO BE MORE CLEAR. Even their screeners are confused and I've had them say something about my 100ml bottles which said 3.4 oz on them. "This is more than 3oz".

So by saying 3oz in this case you don't mean 3.4oz IMHO.
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