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Originally Posted by RichardKenner View Post
I disagree. I think that page is just fine. It doesn't say "3.0" in one place and "3.4" in another. "3" and "3.4" are compatible. When you write "3", you mean "3 +/- 0.5". If you mean to be more precise, you say "3.0".
I wholly disagree. We don't get to add on decimal places and round off. We must accept the specific number given. And the fact that they give different numbers in different places is both misleading and moronic. They have a PR campaign ("3-1-1") and then they have actual policy. The fact that they cannot coordinate the two is pretty pathetic.

But even if we did get to round off as you are suggesting that would mean that 3.5oz containers are OK according to the TSA, and we know that to be false. It would also mean that a TSO could decide to only permit containers 2.5oz or smaller, because that rounds off to 3. Again, not true.
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