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Originally Posted by Bart View Post
Whether your realize it or not, you just repeated what I said. If the operator can clear the shoes whether inside a bin or in a bag, then the items are clear. If not, then the operator will call a bag check. It's the same thing, you just don't realize it. (Rescreening is always an option but is not mandatory).

Bottom line: you can either help out the x-ray operator or risk spending a little bit more time at the checkpoint. It IS up to you, pal.
I think this is quite clear. I went through the B checkpoint at DCA yesterday (and went back out soon after to catch a train due to delays, but that's another story). I packed my single bin in my usual "summer" way: I put my laptop on one side, leaving 1/3 of the bin empty. On that side, I put my cellphone, keys, Kippy bag, and then my flip-flops on top. The only thing dense on that side was the 3x5" cellphone.

I've never had any trouble packing the bin that way and yesterday was no exception. The x-ray operator looked at the image for a tiny bit, picked up one of the shoes a couple of inches to see what was under it, and sent it on. The "delay" was, at most, five seconds. Given the likelihood of light things like flip-flops ending up all over the place if not in a bin, to me what I did seems the best thing to do. Bart, do you agree?
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