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Originally Posted by DownUnderFlyer View Post
The great thing about the ad is that a lot is filmed at the Bungle Bungles and QF doesn't fly anywhere near it. Oh, and they stopped flying to anywhere near the Great Wall as well. Oh, and did I mention Paris??
My thoughts exactly.....glad to see I'm not the only person who picked this up ....although in a technical sense, you can fly a Qantas *marketed* flight to PEK through a codeshare with the fabulous (not) MU via PVG.....and lets not forget the codeshares with the airline that epitomises style (or lack thereof...) AF to CDG.....

However, I do like the ISCAH ads.....I don't know why, but the ads instill a sense of pride and patriotism and makes me want to fly QF especially when returning from a trip abroad.

Although (on a completely different tangent), on my trip to PEK, I chose to go CX than to subject myself to the delights of MU via PVG....
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