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I just returned from a GLON stay (had an old cert to burn). It was my first time there. I received a nice suite on the top floor. I think the rooms are all the same, from what I could see. The suite was similar to ones I've seen at all other ES, except Tahoe (where the suite was exceptionally good). Parking here was free, and the hotel made a nice base for touring San Francisco, Muir Woods, as well as day trips to wine country. It is much closer to San Fran than to wine country, but still not a bad drive. The breakfast was better than average, the manager's reception wasn't bad either, but the only wine they offered was 2 buck chuck. Didn't bother me though because they had plenty of Jack Daniels. Service at the hotel was excellent and everyone seemed to have a "what can I do to make your stay better" attitude. The lone instance where the hotel could use a bit of improvement was on Sunday morning breakfast. There was a huge rush of guests for the last hour of breakfast which caused massive lines and they were continually running out of items, such as plates and silverware, which exacerbated the problem. I have to believe that this was not an unusual situation and they must encounter it on most Sundays. That said, they should have known that it would have been quite busy and should have had more staff on hand for the rush. They were very understaffed and many guests were visibly upset. The cooks were also quite snippy that day. I didn't let it bother me and hopefully it was a one-time occurrance because some staff members were absent. Other than that one minor complaint, the hotel was very good. I'd recommend it to anyone. If you like sushi, there is a fabulous restaurant in San Rafael called the Sushi Boat, about 2 miles from the hotel.
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