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The stingiest Hyatt worldwide has improved!

Well, I was skeptical it would happen based on all the old horror stories I read in this thread, but the PH Beaver Creek has actually improved their Diamond breakfast offering. For the first time in my life, I came to a hotel armed with a printout of the (new) GP T&Cs fully expecting a fight at checkin. I was pleasantly surprised though that I didn't even need to bust out my printout. I was given $22 per person breakfast buffet certs for 2 in each of the rooms I had booked (each room was booked under a separate Diamond acct):

However, I'm not sure if you can get your hopes up too high just yet. The stingy old (Diamond) quick breakfast cart/cafe is closed for the summer the waitress said when I asked about it. So it's possible that during high season they will try to stick Diamonds with the old paltry pastry/coffee/juice. But for now the breakfast is quite good. ^

I was also given a Diamond amenity card that was slightly outdated (still has the full buffet breakfast as an option). I chose the 1k points as usual so I can't comment on the quality of the F&B offerings:

We were upgraded to a Slopeside King and Slopeside 2 Doubles upon checkin. There were no Exec Rooms (Jr Suites) when I looked online before I checked in, so I didn't try to argue myself any further up. The room location was pretty good with a nice view of the mountain:

SkiUtah gave a fantastic summary of this place 3 posts above this, so I'll just add a couple limited extra thoughts of mine:

1) I was charged $12 (per room) Resort Fee, + $1.20 tax. It was listed online as being $18, not sure if you get a discount in the summer? That said, Diamonds basically get almost nothing extra. It sure would be nice if you could reject the Resort Fee, which includes:
a) Free Internet (Already a Diamond benefit)
b) Access to the fitness center (Already a Diamond benefit)
c) Complimentary spa access with any spa or salon service (most laughable Fee I've ever heard of since ANYBODY who purchases a spa service gets spa access. , you certainly don't hafta pay a Resort Fee for that privilege).
d) 800 and local calls and faxes
e) 2 bottles of water
f) Smore's Hour from 4-5PM

Since I arrived for a 1-night stay after Smore's hour was over, I basically got free local phone calls and 2 bottles of water (neither of which I used), so in reality they stuck me with $26.40 in Resort Fees for ZERO extra services for the 2 rooms. But what can you do about it, unfortunately that's what all the Resorts do these days, right?

2) Valet parking was only $18 even though the parking ticket said it would be $24 (so did the website). Nice to have something cheaper than advertised for once, although during the summer they have FREE parking at all the Beaver Creek parking lots. The closest one is maybe a 2-3 minute walk from the hotel. I would DEFINITELY park in those lots if I were going again rather than valeting my car. I asked the parking lot booth attendant if we could park overnight in the lot and he said although you're not technically supposed to stay overnight, they don't do anything if you do, as long as you don't leave your car there for months on end. ^

3) We booked one room under the $99 GP99 rate. The other room we booked on a higher rate (~$160) in order to use the DEL5k Special Offer Code. I was contemplating booked both rooms under the higher rate so we could get DEL5k for each room (and $300 in F&B credits). I'm very glad I didn't. I've never known how hard it is to eat $150 worth of food, even though there were 4 of us. We arrived just after midnight, so everything was closed in terms of dinner. We had the free buffet breakfast for all of us at 9AM. We were still pretty full by the time we ate lunch at 2PM. We knocked out all $150 at lunch right before we checked out, but we were completely stuffed after that meal!!!! We had a variety of food at 8100 Bar & Grill. It was all pretty decent, although not spectacular.

4) At check-in at ~1AM, I asked if we could get a late checkout since we had arrived so late. I mentioned that we would only need it in one room. He clicked his computer keys and said that would be okay since they only needed one of our rooms for a later arriving guest. Turns out that the $150 F&B credit was on the room he had to checkout earlier, so he allowed us to stay checked into that room until 2PM, even though we had vacated it at like 10AM. We ended up checking out of both rooms at about 3:15PM. I thought it was nice of them to give us a late checkout. ^ All in all a nice stay, and a super deal on the combo of a $99 rate and a slightly higher rate with a $150 F&B credit and 5k bonus pts. BTW, the 5k bonus pts never showed up when my stay posted. I'll probably have to call GP to get those added.
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