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Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone!

I'm booked on seven more (at this time) YVR/YYZ segments from now until November, with at least three of those in J. I've chosen my flights carefully and have only widebodies booked so far. My three J trips will be in 77L, 333, and 763, so if nothing changes (hopefully) I will be able to gauge the differences between AC's widebody fleet while doing this wonderful and exciting (sarcastic) route.


I've been on AC033 a few times and yes, one time it was a 321 instead of the 77L, but that was known to me when I booked my flight, so for me it wasn't an "at-the-gate" switch.

AC doesn't have that many 777 or 333 aircraft, and I'm thinking they do a lot of repositioning between YVR and YYZ, so sometimes I guess they are subbed in or out for operations reasons? However, poor loads or not, if the 77L that is scheduled for YVR-SYD is sitting on the tarmac at YYZ, they're going to have to fly that plane over, right? :-)

This is one reason why I like flying AC between YVR and YYZ: you get to fly their entire fleet, even the E-190/175 and CRJ-705 if you connect through YEG/YYC!
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