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Salmon with a mixed vegetable medley.

Comparable to the press photo on the website! (

Quite flavourful, vegetables were not overcooked, so I was quite pleased with this entree.

In-flight photos

I love these... here are a few from my flight!

Flying west... nice reflection on the GE-90's!

Canadian terrain...

You can see the reflection of the blue seat lights in the window.

All-Canadian route today.

Service, Part 2

The fully-flat seat is great...

Pre-landing snack. Ice cream mousse (vanilla) and hot tea. A great treat to have at 38,000 feet!

A freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie. Crisp on the outside, gooey on the inside... and still very warm! Excuse the poor photo quality!

The ambient lighting goes into "sunrise" mode to wake everyone up.

Service Summary

Overall, I found the FA's to be adequate. No one was naturally cheerful or overly talkative. There was no special recognition of status passengers, not even when taking orders for the entree. I wasn't blown away by the service, but it was a great step up from Y...

One thing that did make my flight even more memorable was that the First Officer walked through the J cabins to smile and say hi to the passengers. I asked him if I could see the flight deck and he said that would be possible only after the engines were shut down at arrival... what a nice way to end my flight!


We landed on 26R, and had a quick taxi to C52. I waited in the forward galley while everyone walked back towards the 2L door. While waiting, I took a sneak peek at the crew rest area on the 77L, which is immediately aft of the cockpit.

Up the steps is a little rest area for crew!

I made it this far before being called down by the FO.

My best shot of the flight deck... if only I could ride jump seat!

A few thoughts on YVR

The renovated/expanded C-Pier looks good!

On each occasion that I've flown AC033 into YVR, I've found that the luggage takes an inordinate amount of time to arrive at the carousel. Tonight was no exception, as 20 minutes passed before the first bags arrived... Does this have to do with the fact that a significant portion of bags are continuing in SYD? Or are the baggage facilities at YVR Domestic outdated/insufficient to handle the loads of a 777? Anyways, a minor irritation to deal with, even with Priority tags.


Thanks for taking the time to read my TR on this very common flight... I enjoyed my first experience onboard AC's J and as a result have booked two more YVR/YYZ flights coming up in J also...

Any suggestions are welcomed and feedback encouraged!
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