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My seat, 3K

Herring-bone layout, pod-style.

Forward J cabin

Foot rest, "not a seat"

Rows are staggered in the forward cabin, with the middle pair of seats being one row higher than the corresponding window seats (4G and 3K are next to each other).

AVOD screen stowed.

Seat controls. Unfortunately, the buttons were quite sticky from a prior customer's dirty fingers...

12-inch screen deployed.

Overall, my impression of AC's J-pod seats was very favourable. Colour scheme, layout, and ergonomics are very nice. My first time in and the only trouble I had was looking out the window (the window seats are turned about 35 degrees towards the centre of the aircraft).

Seat controls were easy to manipulate. Ample lighting and two fresh air vents at the seat. Pillow, blanket, headphone covers were all at the seat already.

There is extra padding on the seat belt, which I found out later to be an airbag? Interesting.


Pre-flight drink service was either orange juice or water for this domestic flight.

Lights dimmed for the safety demonstration. It did not work properly and the FA's performed a manual demo.

Window in the lavatory. Nice touch on the 777s.

Fruits and Passion products.

Drink service started promptly after the seatbelt sign came off.

Gin and tonic, with nuts. Served Bombay Sapphire this time around.

The neck of the glass used was perhaps a bit narrow to enjoy drinks with ice, but nevertheless it was a very beautiful glass.

Appetizer came pre-plated.

Bocconcini and tomato, with cucumber, frisee, and marinated zucchini.

A nice portion size, but chilled too much for any real flavour to come through. Cheese texture was a bit too hard also, as a result. Didn't notice the small packet of salt and pepper until later.

Don't remember exactly which wine this was, but I believe it was an Italian Cortese?

Warmed herb roll. It became quite hard as it cooled.

Frequent drink service was a plus. Unfortunately one FA didn't ask which white I had before she topped my glass up.
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