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Updated: AC Milk Run YYZ-YVR on 77L in J and YVR-YYZ on 333 in J.

Edit: I've added my return flight on an A330-343X in J. Please find it at the bottom of page 2.

Hi everyone!

I'm going to write my first trip report, and what better flight to write about than AC033's first sector, YYZ-YVR. I've flown this particular flight number four times, but this is the first time that I've had the opportunity to use a NAU cert and try AC's J product on a wide-body A/C.

This TR will probably be useful for those who usually fly Y and are thinking of upgrading versus those who fly F/C/J often (I just don't have the wealth of knowledge about the front cabins!). I've flown as a AC*E since January on about 15 segments so far (all in Y), but this is my first time in AC J.

I also want to get some feedback on writing TR's since I have a couple more interesting flights planned for this year, including YYZ-YVR-HKG-ICN-KIX-HND/NRT-YVR-YYZ, with two segments on OZ (C) and one on NH (Y), the rest on AC (Y, hopefully upgraded to J!).

Flight Details

Flight/Route: AC033 YYZ-YVR
Date: July 6, 2009
A/C: Boeing 777-233/LR
Reg/Fin: C-FIUA #701
Del.: June 25, 2007
Depart: 2030 scheduled, 2035 actual
Arrive: 2221 scheduled, 2225 actual
Service Director: ? I couldn't catch her name but the J F/As were mostly YUL based, with one YVR based thrown in.

Check In at YYZ T1

Check-in for this late-evening flight from YYZ Terminal 1 was fast and easy. Walked over to the dedicated AC*G/Executive First check-in desks and was helped right away. The agent properly put *A "PRIORITY" tags on my bags (it's hit and miss with some agents at YVR Domestic, especially for early AM departures) and stuck my luggage tags not on the BP but a dedicated sheet of AC stock that said "place luggage tags here". I wonder if they could save some money, but it did look nice. The agent also asked me if I had a specific seat preference for the 77L aircraft. I had pre-selected a window seat in the forward cabin so I told her that I was happy with 3K.

Empty check in desks, note the massive line up at the Y desks.

YYZ Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge

AC's flagship 77W welcomes you to the MLL.

After the slowest elevator ride of my life, I'm in the domestic MLL. This is my fourth or so time at this particular lounge. Food options are still soup, salad, chips, crackers, bread, olives, and cookies. I skip them all in favour of water and wine. I'm impressed with how often the service ladies come around to clean up tables.

I wish there was a better view of the apron and aircraft!

Comfortable seats

White wine choice. There are two self-serve bars with a decent selection of liquors.

Good read.

Food service area kept clean.

Showers if you want, BMW room if you like.

I like the BMW M-spec wheel "coffee tables"

There are four or so kinds of chairs to enjoy in the MLL, to suit your preference!

EK 380 in the distance.


C-FIUA is pulled to our gate, 139.

Towbar-less tug!

Service vehicles at the gate. I love the perfect circular cross-section of the 777s.

Scheduled boarding time was 1955, and we started right on time. Because AC033 continues on to SYD after YVR, there was a complicated-sounding announcement that confused some passengers at the boarding desk. For passengers flying on the YYZ-YVR leg, you could use any government ID to board. For those on the full YYZ-YVR-SYD flight, you must use a passport. While passengers who were waiting to board cause a bit of congestion around the boarding area, I slipped through the priority lane and was the first one down the gate!

Door 2L on this beautiful 77L.

AC only used one door to board this large aircraft, so I guessed that's why we had started boarding 35 minutes before our scheduled departure. From the above photo you can see that there were still service staff on board. Apparently, the gate agents forgot/missed informing the crew that boarding was about to begin. When I arrived at the door, the service director had a shocked look, and torpedoed over to the nearest phone to let everyone know, en francais, that boarding had started! "Mr. AC340-541, welcome aboard! Through to the far aisle and to your left!" was her greeting to me.

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