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Originally Posted by berlinflyer View Post
Now, in a true Flyertalk spirit, this incident raises a few questios:

- Does the goose require a ticket?
- If so, can she get a Skymiles number? Is she entitled to a frequent flyer status
- What happens if the goose is sitting next to a passenger like....well, me? I am not really into gooses (unless they are well cooked, of course).... could I switch the seat? And of course.... will I be compensated for that trauma?
- If the flight hits turbulences and the goose cannot (obviously) be buckled up...is the result then called "bird strike"?

Well, I guess I can cross out another item from my "frequent flyer bucket list": See a woman with a goose in an airport
No ticket required - it is a "service animal." I had a woman in a very small 30-seat plane in the row in front of me carry a small dog for "emotional comfort" or some weird thing. My guess is that most these people use that line so it allows their pets to travel for free (I know I am being cynical here)

I would insist on a FA switching your seat if you didn't want to sit next to the goose. Not sure about the compensation thing though. I heard one airline let a pig fly as a service animal a couple of years ago. Most airlines can't do anything - they would be sued for discrimination or something similar.
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