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Smile And I thought I had seen it all..... White Goose takes a seat on board a DL flight

Well, after almost 10 years of travelling for business and over 1 million status miles I thought I had seen it all. Strange passengers, "interesting" FA's, upgrades, downgrades, good meals, bad meals, no meals....well, almost anything. And yes, I have seen people travelling with their dogs (quite often), their cats (less frequent) and even their rabbits (once).

But what I saw today was beyond imagination.

I had just arrived in Milwaukee and stepped of my CRJ900 flight from ATL. Upon entering the classic concourse E, which reminded me a lot of the good old times, I noticed that a DL flight was about to be ready for boarding at the gate next to us.

A women in a wheelchair, being pushed by an airport agent, was approaching the gate and I could hear a loud chatter. Also, people that passed the lady in the wheelchair immediately turned around in disbelief. Some started smiling, some took pictures, others jumped away.

The woman had a large, white goose sitting on her lap. The goose must have been excited about the upcoming flight as she was chattering a lot and tried to jump of the ladys lap. I did not know if the goose was trying to enter the Breezeway lane.

Anyhow, the woman had no basket or anything else with her, so I assumed the goose would travel on board with her.

Now, in a true Flyertalk spirit, this incident raises a few questios:

- Does the goose require a ticket?
- If so, can she get a Skymiles number? Is she entitled to a frequent flyer status
- What happens if the goose is sitting next to a passenger like....well, me? I am not really into gooses (unless they are well cooked, of course).... could I switch the seat? And of course.... will I be compensated for that trauma?
- If the flight hits turbulences and the goose cannot (obviously) be buckled up...is the result then called "bird strike"?

Well, I guess I can cross out another item from my "frequent flyer bucket list": See a woman with a goose in an airport
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