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Originally Posted by family friend View Post
I am writing to request assistance from any experts. I am attempting to book a ticket that is JFK-SFO-JFK. However, the JFK-SFO is exorbitantly expensive. I have found a more cost efficient option of going JFK-LAX-SFO the only issue being that JFK-LAX is a night time flight that lands at 12.15 AM at LAX and the next LAX-SFO flight is not until the morning. Is there anyway to get the system to book this JFK-LAX-SFO as one segment? I would prefer not to use multi-city as I have a promotional code which can be used on a Round Trip booking but not multi-city. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
What you are trying to do is called last-in/first-out. If you book the last arrival into the connecting point, and the first departure out, then usually that counts as a connection not a stopover.

The only issue I can see here is that a 1215am arrival might not count as the last flight in on date x, but instead as the first flight in on date x+1, and so your attempt to "connect" on x+1 is getting stuck by the gap in hours.

Have you tried it with the last arrival into LAX that is scheduled before midnight? That's the 10:43pm.

Also, "undesirable" connections, like overnight or airport-change, are given a low display priority (and so rarely show up) in Price & Schedule displays. To see them you pretty much have to do it by Schedule alone. Price alone in theory should work, but the Price alone tool has never really worked as it should.

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