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LH 923 NUE FRA 0705 0800 143 3A

There was a bit of a hullaballoo when a group of somewhat
Romany-looking folk with numerous guitars tried to board
with multiple carryons - the leader had 4, counting his
instrument. They were talked to, cajoled, threatened ...
the leader boarded directly ahead of me: shortly after,
a cold-eyed enforcer type hailed him and somehow got two
of the items away. Business was the first 5 rows: Economy
Plus with the blocked middle, the way things used to be
on UA (or so our rosy memories tell us).

Put my eye shades on and was out from before takeoff until
after landing - I count this as a successful flight, though
I think we landed a hair late.

There was long bus ride from the farthest of the bus gates
to Terminal A, then a hike of some proportions to the end
where the lounges are. The Senator lounge was incredibly
crowded and had the same assortment of breakfast stuff and
cold cuts - more frequently replenished, though - as the
slightly less crowded Nuremberg one. The prosciutto was
very nice.

Showers and toilets here are in the business class section,
so you have to show your ID again to get back in after your
refreshment trip. There was a big waitlist, and I have no
idea how it works, as you don't get paged when the showers
are available. I gave the attendant E2 and I was in
immediately. A fairly nice room; an oddity - the shower
dispenses water in 15 second bursts - after each, you have
to hit the water button again. The good thing about this is
that you are encouraged to lather up with the water off.

Around noon I decided to leave Germany and went upstairs to
the Tower Lounge, where I encountered Baxter & Bessies' Mama
on her way to Washington. The place is huge and at this hour
was packed, with the result that it was steamy hot. The food
here is better than at the downstairs business lounge but
not so nice as at the Senator lounge.

LH 422 FRA BOS 1250 1435 744 1K

A bit of neglect early on as I hunkered down in my corner
perhaps at first out of the field of vision of the FAs.
Things improved a bit later on, though, and for most of the
flight I got smiling though not exactly attentive service.

My seatmate averred that he was afraid of flying; an Italian
guy about my age who disconcertingly had tattoos of insects
up and down his arm. He seemed quite familiar with the seat
controls, so in spite of his fear he appears to get around.

He also had a hacking cough and kept blowing his nose into
the Lufthansa linens. Kind of gross. I should have raised
the force field, er, privacy shield but sort of forgot about

The carte was designed by Alexander Herrmann.


Express Service

We additionally offer our cold Express Service in order to
give you more time to work or relax: we serve the hors d'
oeuvre of your choice, cheese and dessert upon your request.

Hors d'oeuvres [Special Moments]

Garden Greens served with roasted Seeds and Herb Dressing

Sliced Veal accompanied by Kohlrabi and Nettle Pesto

Char Terrine served with Sour Cream and pickled Cucumber

Green and white Asparagus Salad


Roast Corn fed Poulard with Thyme, creamy Cucumber and Pearl
Barley Risotto

Steamed Halibut with Almond Butter, Summer Vegetables and
mashed Potatoes

Ribbon Noodles with Herb Cheese Sauce, green Asparagus and
red Onions

Cheese and Dessert

Rahmberg Cheese and Obatzda, a creamed Cheese Bavarian
Style with red Radish

Woodruff Jelly with Strawberry Lime Compote

Melon Cocktail



Focus Regional
Meat Jelly with Bratwurst and shaved Horseradish
Mixed Pumpkin Salad


Focus Sensors
Venison Ham with dried Fruit Compote and Walnuts
Crayfish Salad


Rhubarb Tartlet with Vanilla Almond Sabayon
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