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Originally Posted by Gargoyle View Post
As to the change fees, they wanted to get rid of those, till they saw the numbers. Those fees generate a huge amount of money for DL, the biggest chunk of the $160M that me4yankees refers to. If they eliminated that income, they'd have to balance with lots of other changes to make up the difference, and, as mentioned, that isn't in the top 10 of concerns in customer surveys. It's only a very small percentage of customers who make multiple changes to award itins.
Jeff also mentioned the cost savings to do away with unlimited complimentary elite upgrades, by comparison, would have been around $150 million. But because upgrades are in the top 10, they made the decision to keep upgrades complimentary and implement the change fees instead, saying that when it came to upgrades, the customer impact outweighed the financial impact. So in essence, Delta selected the option that would impact fewer customers. I am personally glad that the decided to retain elite complimentary upgrades.
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