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SHOULD point out loudly what is wrong
Have to disagree here. First & foremost, this was a FlyerTalk DO. We're there to meet new people, make new friends, have fun & party. Anybody who's there to to rock the boat will find him/herself ostracized & out on the sidewalk while the party continues.

In terms of making my points & getting my answers, I feel that I succeeded 100%. I distributed 60 copies of The Merger as Viewed by NW Frequent Flyers on the tables prior to the meeting. I did it this way to avoid wasting any floor time getting bogged down in details. Anyone who was interested could read it. Most people were reading it. Jeff appeared to be reading it.

Jeff's presentation was largely directed at the subject (FF program integration) that I wanted to hear about. I don't have to like the results, but I definitely got my explanations. I took notes on items of interest to NW elites & posted them on NW forum immediately after the Q&A.

Bottom line is, (1) they already know we're unhappy, (2) we now better understand why they made us unhappy, and (3) they're unlikely to do much, if anything, to make us happier.

We also had a lot of fun for 3 days.

Is there anything I should add to this?
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