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Originally Posted by kaychiu View Post
Recently had a friend of mine's who flown back to Toronoto from US and was scheduled to arrive around 11:30PM. Unbelievably, he didn't arrived until 2:30AM. A complaint was sent to the airlines and here's what they response:

".....Our information from XXXXXX Airlines is that Air Traffic Control could not dispatch the flight on time due to additional air spacing requirements, along this flight route. This is not to say the weather was bad in either city.

Unfortunately, weather related situations are beyond our control....


Jxxxxx Rxxxxxxx
Customer Relations"

Do they even have an idea what they're saying?! ya, like weather related situations are beyond their control, but before that, they just said WEATHER WASN'T BAD IN EITHER CITY!!! It's clearly that the airlines is trying to avoid the responsibilities!

The response makes sense to me. They are saying that although the weather at the origin and destination airport was fine, the weather along the route required additional spacing restrictions. These restrictions resulted in fewer aircraft being able to pass through at any given time and created subsequent delays.
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