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finally to NUE

SK2663 CPH NUE 1230 1355 CRJ 8A

This flight was operated by Cimber Air, of whose existence
I'd previously been unaware. It was fine. The exit row had
terrific legroom augmented by the fact that no luggage is
allowed in the seat in front.

NUE is easy enough. You get spit out at the baggage area,
just beyond which are the rental car booths, just beyond
which is the U-bahn. E1.90 and 15 min to go to the city
center or E3.80 for a day ticket.

The Hilton Nuremburg is a bit removed from the city center
but easy to get to - a 15 minute bus ride, and there I was
at the FCN Sportanlage, next to which the hotel sits.

A pretty agent (slim brunette with glasses, a winner
combination in my book) gave me a nice room that turned out
to be next to that of NewbieRunner. One of the few rooms
I've ever had that had absolutely nothing wrong with it.

A washup and then off to the 12th Frankisches Bierfest, my
kind of event: beer and pork products. I had a Kuchlbauer
dunkel, a low-hopped rich-tasting brew from a house whose
main claim to fame is its Weizen; it also claims a brewing
tradition to 1300, which sounds a bit of a stretch; I asked
the guide of the mediaeval city tour next day about this,
and he opined that if there's truth to it, it must be
because there's a relatively unbroken line to someone whose
family must have been granted a brewer's charter back then.
I liked this enough to make it my one beer stop for the day
- the lady got to know me.

The beer went well with my Sau im Weckla from the pig part
stand, where a fine fat rotisseried swine was being hacked
up and portioned out on bread that bore a strong resemblance
to what we used to call bulkie rolls. I asked for mine mit
viel Fett, so the guy went back and carved out a piece of
fatback and a piece of crackling and added it to a modest
slice of meat. It was yummy but the grease spurted out and
stained my shirt mightily. I was not alone among the fest
participants, as I noted, in this condition.

Oh, yes, other things I did: took the 36 bus through the
historic district and walked around enough so I pretty well
knew what the city had to offer.

Hurried off to catch the tail end of the welcome party at
the Grand Hotel, where E8.50 for a big glass of mediocre
Franconian red wine was too much but the Gemutlichkeit and
Gesellschaft (right word?) were priceless.

f0zzyNUE led us the few blocks to our restaurant Barfusser,
a temple of excess of the sort that I enjoy frequently. We
ordered the Franconian sampler, which consisted of a variety
of meats and some pro forma vegetation.

Eisbein, a cured boiled pork knuckle, was tasty, not too
salty, gelatinous, very piggy. The roasted pork knuckle,
Schweinshaxe, was delicious, as was the roasted bone-in
shoulder (Schauferle). The obligatory Bratwurst, though
fine, paled by comparison. Roast turkey went begging.
On the side: those gluey dumplings so beloved of the
Bavarians, some truly industrial potatoes in several
preparations, and red and regular pickled cabbage.

f0zzy insisted on getting an extra order of blue sausages
in pickled onions, which were disappointing for being not
too different from Bratwurst and, more importantly, not
blue at all.

The dark beer brewed here was very malty, pretty good.

We rolled out fat and happy, and I understand there are some
before and after pictures of our platter that give the lie
to our pretensions as great trencherpersons.
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