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Off on the 100 bus again to the Bode museum, which features
late Renaissance and Baroque painting and sculpture - a
lovely collection including numerous important works of
Riemenschneider and Andrea della Robia as well as a room
decorated by Tiepolo and a very sensual Canova sculpture
of a dancing girl.

Heavy rain.

Bolted down a croissant in some subway station and then
went off to visit Paule, who was in a kind of intermediate
state. When I arrived, some guys named Kempinski were there;
Kempinski I apparently has something to do with the hotel
chain, and Kempinski II apparently something to do with
dubbing Quentin Tarentino movies into German. We had a
pleasant chat before they left me alone for my half hour
exit interview with Paule. We talked about nothing in
particular, music, stuff like that, and when it was clear
that he was getting tired, I wrote down my address in his
little book (to which he has grown pathetically attached
as a reminder, perhaps, of the days not so long past when
he was loved, hated, and feared for his writings) so we
could correspond later. He read it, and somehow the reading
of my name and e-mail opened another door in his mind, so
we started our conversation afresh with stuff from when
he had lived in San Fran and I used to visit him (I've
done sub-$200 transcon recreationals long before FT
existed). At length Paule admitted that he was in a state
of extreme fatigue and I promised to visit again next year.

Back home for a dinner cooked by Hans. He said, with a shy
grin, that last time I'd visited his home (a decade ago -
I usually encounter my friends on their or our mutual
travels, and home visits are kind of the exception) he had
never dreamed that he would prepare a meal for me. In the
intervening years he has become quite an enthusiast, and
his food is expertly and tastily prepared.

We started with crostini with porcini and Parmesan, which
would not have been out of place at a first-rate Italian
restaurant, followed by a mizuna salad with raspberries
and papaya (not sure if this was his flight of fancy or
gotten from a recipe).

La piece de resistance was roast duck breast with white
asparagus from near Freiburg (Hans claims that this is the
best in Germany, with Beelitzer being second). The duck was
done perfectly medium-rare, and the asparagus had been
cooked with lemon grass, giving it a new dimension that I
would never have imagined.

Hans Haas (Johanninger), a Huxelrebe and Riesling blend -
off-dry, full of flowers and tropical fruit, courtesy of
the Huxelrebe, it was almost Viognierish in its aromatic
intensity. Chris wrinkled up her cute little nose at it.

I mused that Hans had bought it because it was named
Hans, but to be fair, it was a fine aperitif wine.

Juliusspital Iphofer Julius Echter Berg Riesling Kabinett
trocken Franken 07, a classic dry Riesling, was a lean,
delicious accompaniment to the duck dish.

Hans had brought ice cream from Florida (the name of a shop
in Spandau that Hans says is the best in the world - so I
told him that he had to go to Toscanini's in Cambridge,
Mass.). The flavors we had were mango, pecan, and "Swiss,"
which turned out to be chocolate rum raisin. All were good,
but I think Gus can beat them.

Toddled off to bed for not enough sleep.

SK1674 TXL CPH 1005 1105 M87 15A

Time to get up! I bolted down some Muesli and half a banana
and was at Blissestrasse at 0815. Rush hour in Berlin is a
piece of cake, so far as I can tell. You even can get a seat
on the subway.

It took 30 min to the airport and another 30 for checkin and
security - some special requests being handled at the desk,
and then lots of Kettels at the checkpoint, where the cops
were alarmed by my alarm clock and gave my carryon the
secondary. This was at the D gates (I think it was), where
there's no Senator lounge or so far as I can tell virtually
anything else. Half an hour of boredom in the depressing and
dingy public area until bus boarding, and another 45 until
we were ready to take off (WX at CPH). A rather bumpy flight
that I slept through most of. We landed about half an hour
late and at a faraway gate (we deplaned by stairs and had
to walk through a cold windy rain), so that put paid to my
finding any sort of lounge to relax in.

Quite a trek to the next gate, which was way at the end of
the C concourse, another wasteland but at least a clean
and modern one.
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