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with following simple itinerary


I get the following error message:
Two stopovers of greater than 24 hours permitted in the continent of origin and only one permitted in each direction within the country of origin. You can only make an extra stop if it is less than 24 hours.
(My italic emphasis.)

There is nothing in the xONEx rules about country of origin stopovers. So is this another bug?
Update: just checked the web page, which says:
Flights and stopovers
  • You are allowed to take two stopovers in total within your continent of origin in order to get to or from a gateway to begin or return from your international travel of which a maximum of 1 stopover is permitted in each direction in the country of origin.
  • ...
So now, I guess the question is - can something that only appears on a One World web page be a rule, even though it is not in the Technical Rule Sheet?

UPDATE: Latest version of the rule sheet now has this retriction, see this thread

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