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Thanks for the kind comments!

Well better try it soon - GF is ending the contract at the end of October.

I have been asking myself the same question - My only experience with Emirates suite is on the Airbus A340-500s, so I am not sure if it is still valid. I think the 9W suites are basically identical to EK first generation suites, but with improvement. However, EK suites have a personal bar, which I like, especially GF does not pass out bottled waters. 9W has a companion seat, in which Emirates uses it as a table for snacks, mirrors, cosmetic kit, which I personally like. I honestly don't think the companion seat is used quite often and they are not comfortable to sit it.

Eggs on board - a number of top class airlines have skillets on board, and most of them save it for first class cabin. Cooking eggs in the plane is a bit more difficult. Yes the Sky Chef fried the egg at 35,000feet. He did a good job and I don't think I can make a nice piece of fried egg even on the ground. The Sky Chef is basically a glorified name for the galley F/A, who is in charge of heating up the meals. But I guess the Sky Chef gets additional training with plating and presentation. So the quality of the meal is significantly better.

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