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Perhaps links to articles of travel problem stories (like the one the Wall Street Journal published about some newbie travelers who got misconnected at ORD on the way from YYZ to SLC and eventually (after being rescheduled, having their rescheduled flight canceled, etc.) going back to YYZ instead of making it to their destination, later griping about how bad airlines are) and using such stories as examples of what not to do (the travelers in question made a lot of apparently common (but understandable) newbie mistakes that worked against them).

Some things to consider including:

* Any special notes about the nearby airports or other common airports flown to or from, including ground transportation options.

* Make note of which airports have better or worse on-time records, and that flight schedules should be well padded if using a poor on-time airport is required.

* Recommend carry-on only, with pointers to how to pack in a carry-on.
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