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I personally wait in line AND call CS (just in case).

You definitely want to include anything having to with company policy, like loss or theft of, or damage to, company (or personal) property/equipment while traveling. For instance, what to do if your laptop gets stolen, blackberry is lost, etc.

- Tips on getting through security
- Tips on where to look for resources when traveling internationally (eg, state dept website) and things they might need to deal with, like visas, customs, etc.
- Airline rules on luggage and what the company will/will not reimburse.
- Company preferred airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and encouragement to use frequent flyer/guest/whatever programs. Our company actually has a link to the UA DEQM promo on our travel portal.
- Status matches. We can get status matches through our company on our preferred carriers. I didn't know it at the time and did a challenge on my own. Now I know. I wish someone had told me that. This assumes your company does this.

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