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Originally Posted by octopic View Post
I've been asked by my company to produce a FAQ document for new employees that will be doing a lot of traveling. What are some things that you wish someone had told you that you had to learn through a tough experience? For example, one of mine is to call the 800 number for the airline after a cancelation instead of waiting in the line at the gate for reaccommodation.

Read through the thread above. You will find many good practical tips in the original post and in the responses to it. Feel free to use my original post. No need to give credit. I basically just compiled what I thought were the most pertinent tips.

Also check out the "how to survive a hotel fire thread".

In addition look at the recent safety thread on the Women travelers forum. Most of these things apply just as well to male travelers.

There is more on packing the standard rollaboard here:

Then compile, reformulate and re-structure as you see fit. The resources are on this forum already. No need to go in depth with an extra thread. Possible topics/chapters would be Practical, Safety, Packing, Etiquette, Expenses, Miscellaneous.

It might also be a good idea to start a group email at work where the experienced travelers can write down their tips and the newbies can ask for advice.

When you are done, compile everything into a PDF document and send it around.

Sounds like a fun project. Good luck with it and let us know the result.

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