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Dca txl nue

My buddy Susie and I were ready to go to dinner, and who
should pull up but our friend Laura with a load of groceries
- we invited her to go out with us, and we would hump the
food up to her apartment while she parked. Parking even on
Sunday night is difficult in Adams Morgan.

So we waited for Laura and were discussing kopi luwak, of
which she had gotten a turd as a souvenir or curio (she's a
science writer by trade), and there we were minding our own
business ... I pointed to a bird dropping nearby that had
seeds in it and likened it to the civet coffee, when a large
flying thing, obviously insulted, let go and splattered her
and me with the largest avian bombing I've ever encountered.
And me in my only short-sleeved shirt.

We went inside and cleaned up and showered and stuff, and
then off to Himalayan Heritage, a pleasant little spot maybe
a quarter mile away on 18th St., where Susie is known and
Laura looks as though she should be (she has this air of
being in touch with the slightly adventurous, bohemian, or

We split an order of gobi Manchurian (deep-fried cauliflower
made soggy with a ginger-chile-soy-scallion concoction); it
was very nice and lived up to all the crowing on chow and
yelp and so on.

After which Laura had the vegetarian thali:

Aloo daam for appetizer - a nice spicy potato-tomato dish.

Saag ko tarkari was a mild sauteed spinach thing with a bit
of ginger; tarka dal black lentils also very mild and with
ginger and garlic; aloo tama was more potatoes, this time in
a lovely curry with bamboo shoots - a good combination. This
came with rice of surprising mediocrity and naan of
surprising crispy goodness.

Susie likes spinach more than life itself, so we had another
order of it.

In revenge for what the avian brother had done to me earlier
I ordered Himalayan kothey, billed as "delicious dumplings
stuffed with ground chicken and Tibetan spices, wrapped in
flour dough and then steamed before pan fried, served with
hot chutney sauce." This was 10 jiao zi whose claim to fame
was a light curried flavor to the filling. The hot chutney
sauce was almost bland and had a peculiar minty taste; later
I discovered to my discomfiture that it had had some kind of
dairy product in it as well.

We had garlic naan as well, softer than its normal cousin
but more interesting in taste. I could have used more butter
- this was a fairly abstemious version fatwise but quite
riotous garlicwise.

Laura had a kheer for dessert, part of the deal. Susie and
I were too stuffed to accept her kind offer of a bite.

With a starchy meal like this I decided that I'd go easy
on the beer and had just a couple Amstel Lights.

US 2534 DCA PHL 1215 1308 CRJ 1A was 2F
was 3268 DCA PHL 1350 1453 E75 4F

It took a puny little time to get from Adams Morgan
to DCA - the bus to U St. and then 15 minutes on the
Metro - pretty terrific. The kiosk told me that I
could get on the 1215 if I wanted, the better to
enjoy the Envoy Lounge in Philly, so I did.

Boarded up the bus around noon and then waited around (no
a/c) for a while, then trundled to the aircraft, which
turned out to be the wrong aircraft, then waited for that
plane to go, then they boarded a wheelchair lady using the
portable ramp (she had her own bus before ours), but
instead of keeping the ramp in place, they towed it away,
and we had 1. to wait while it was being towed and 2. had
a couple old folks who would have benefited from use of
the ramp. I found 2D occupied by the wheelchair lady, and
as soon as I'd climbed over her, the FA said that she would
reseat me. I said that I'd gladly sit anywhere for weight
and balance, and she put me into 1B (with the legroom). I
went over to 1A so I could lean on the wall and sleep.

The Envoy lounge in PHL is very nice - much better than
last time I'd been up there, years ago, when a regular US
club had half the space and bunches of pax were crammed
into, well, half the space.

The food options seem much improved over years ago, too.

Four spreads for bread: truffled vegetable slaw, quite
good, but with the truffle oil of a fugitiveness; eggplant
spread with chopped hard-cooked egg, pretty good; and two
dairy things that I didn't try, though they looked fine
for those who eat dairy things with impunity.

Rice noodles with shrimp were neither western nor eastern
and dripping with oil. The shrimp were these odd little
things such as you'd get out of a can, the size of
household insects. The taste was not bad, not good.

Tricolor macaroni salad looked a little dubious, so I didn't
try it. Okay, on reading this I repented: I shouldn't have.
It was oily and overdressed, the pasta done a bit past al
dente. There were shiitakes, portobellos, and regular
mushrooms interspersed.

Chicken salad with chickpeas and red peppers had tender
moist meat and a quite savory dressing.

Thyme-scented sweet potato cubes with pecans was
surprisingly yummy, the potato just done, the nuts abundant,
the whole not too sweet. I made a whole meal of these last
two things.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Zinfandel 06 - a coffee
and slight blackberry jam nose, stems and green leaves
coming out later; medium body, cherries and berries on the
palate. Slightly skewed sweet on the sweet-tart balance.
Not long finish, plum and blueberry. Okay plus.
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