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Originally Posted by fzwinter View Post
You should consider the cost to you both in terms of dollars and miles. If you're able to get a fairly cheap fare to VA, that's probably the best bet. Many around here value their miles around 2 cents per mile, meaning that if you could get a RT for less than $500 (which it sounds as though you can), it may be better to keep the miles and use them on another occasion when flights might be more expensive.

Let's say your roundtrip costs $350. If you were to book an award ticket, you'd be purchasing, say, 5,000 miles which would cost you $125 plus some taxes and excise fees. You'd end up saving somewhere on the order of $225 by getting the award ticket. On the other hand, if you purchased the ticket, you'd be able to accrue the extra miles (probably around 5,000) for your trip that would put you over the 25,000 mark so you'd be able to book your next trip without having to buy any miles. So basically, you're looking at whether you're willing to spend 25,000 miles to save $225. I'd buy the ticket and use the miles at another time. This argument, obviously, ignores whether the purchase of the ticket would cause an undue hardship to you financially or whether you have an anticipated use of the miles for an award ticket in the future.
Makes sense, thanks!
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