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Trouble with Awards???

Anybody else have trouble trying to redeem a hotel reward???

While I do think Hilton is quite generous on awarding points with double dipping, I have yet to be able to find any dates I need to redeem an award. Granted, I've selected some nice places such as Saint Lucia, Seychelles, New Zealand, etc., but I have tried in off season, too.

One rep looked at ALL annual dates in 2001 and could not find one open space for an award.

I have not had this trouble with Marriott and Starwood, even in great locations. Has anybody else experienced this? Is Hilton's award inventory so inadeqaute?

I have written them via email and have yet to hear from them. Perhaps my gold status doesn't warrant their attention??

I told them all my PAID hotel rooms are now going to be booked with Starwood and Marriott since I'm at least able to cash in on awards.

What's your story?
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