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Originally Posted by zigzagg900 View Post

This is the second time I've experienced this. Not only is it inconvenient, I see this as a safety issue. You're on the flight but not on the manifest. Heaven forbid, in an emergency the airline would have no record of you on board.

Moral of they story: if you get on standby, make sure the GA gives you a boarding pass or some documentation that you're on that flight.
While notification in the event something happens would be terribly bad, I don't see it as a safety issue. If the TSA has let you thru security, then as far as safety goes, you are as safe as any other passenger. As far as true safety goes, how can the wrong name have an impact on the safety of the aircraft?

On a similar note, those that bring lap-children on and don't have an infant boarding pass issued (because they don't tell reservations or the online agency that they will bring an infant with them) disturbs me. I always issue an infant boarding pass for infants (even if I don't know prior to boarding, I will stop and issue one,) even if they do fly on the lap as free, as I want the system to know how many souls are on board in a worst case scenario, and who they are. But I still don't see it as a risk to safety, except on the regional jets where for weight purposes, an infant is factored.
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