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Originally Posted by thebat View Post
I'm amazed to read this. I didn't think it was possible. Talk about a gross dereliction of duty!
I agree, it's very sloppy work on the part of the GA......this scenario happens because......(no fault of the passenger)............
Psgr Smith checks in on-line at home (i.e., seat 12A) but doesn't show up to board....the empty seat is given to someone else standing by (psgr Jones) at the gate. Mr. Smith now arrives at the airport late and is standing in front of me for check-in or standby to a later flight but the computer shows him on the flight and airborne sitting in 12A !!! Infuriates me. I've been known to call the gate and ask them who is in seat 12A on the airplane that lifted off (I usually get silence)......Me: "because Mr. Smith who had 12A missed the flight and is now standing in front of me" !!
God forbid something happens to that airplane, who was in that seat ?? No amount of rushing should excuse this data from being entered. However, I am not a GA agent (I work strictly at the ticket counter) so I'm not sure if there is a way it is reconciled (but I want to believe there is a way).

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