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Originally Posted by TexasMiguel View Post
Great tip TFar! I have modified my packing using some of your suggestions and it works great for my Air Boss! Thought I had it mastered until I read this! Gracias!
De Nada.

I am very honored my tips are actually helping out. Thank YOU!

If you have an Airboss you could try the packing technique I use for suits in my Easygoing bag, which has a very similar layout to the AB. I use the Eagle Creek shirt folder as a core for wrapping the suit around. Then I put the bundle into a compartment of the bag.

Lay the suit jacket on the bed or on a clean floor (you don't want any dust on it, of course) the front side facing you, the back side laying on the floor.

Open the suit jacket and spread the front side open so you can see the lining and the interior pockets.

Put your pants inside the jacket. Waist up. The waist band should be as far up as possible. Basically by the collar of the jacket, leaving only a little bit of leg hanging out on the bottom.

Fold the sides back again but do not button them together. Instead you want to fold them over a bit more than necessary, so that you reduce the width of the jacket evenly. Evenly means the shoulders must come in a bit, too.

Now cross the sleeves over X-style. The buttons should face up. Take care to smooth them out nicely to avoid wrinkles. This sleeve position will follow the natural lines of your suit jacket.

All of the above takes 15 seconds to do.

Last step: Put the filled shirt folder horizontally on the jacket so that the bottom edge of the folder lines up with the bottom edge of the jacket. Fold whatever hangover you have from the pants over the folder. Horizontally means in a landscape format, not a portrait format.

The suit should be not much wider than the shirt folder if you have "shrunk it" correctly. Simply roll up the suit around the folder now. Pick it up with both hands as not to unravel the package and transfer into its own compartment.

The own compartment or at least a slippery plastic bag around the bundle is important to avoid the outside of the bundle sticking to other items and thus creating friction that can undo the bundle and wrinkle the suit.


This is a great method for people who like to use unstructured bags because they are so light and practical but who still need to take formal clothing.


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