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Along the Romantic Road to the Danube, and a detour to Nürnberg

We got a pretty late start -- about 10:00 a.m. -- out of Fussen this morning, and somewhere along our drive we altered our plans. We wanted to visit Nürnberg, and decided it would be easier to do so today than tomorrow. First, we made a brief stop in the town of Donauwörth on the Donau (Danube) River and walked around for awhile.

(Sorry. Couldn't get the picture embedded, but here is a link.)

Then we left the Romantic Road and headed northeast to Nürnberg, arriving at the Documentation Center a little before 3:00 p.m. This museum is located on what used to be the rally ground for the Nazi Party, and it follows the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, and Nürnberg's role in that rise. While there are many places you can learn about this, doing so on the site of some of Hitler's biggest and most over the top rallies makes the message even stronger.

Afterward we drove into the city center and explored the area around the Hauptmarkt. Seeing the market stalls still busy at 5:30 p.m. made us imagine what a magical place this must be in late November and December with all of the Christmas markets.

(Once again, I could not embed the picture, but here is a link.)

After a few hours, we decided it was time to call it a day. We got our car and drove just outside of Nürnberg to the suburb of Schwabach. While staying in the city center would have been nice, we want to get an early start tomorrow morning for our delayed visit to Rothenburg. Besides, the Holiday Inn Express' rate of €79 including breakfast, parking, and wifi is pretty sweet!
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