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Yes, it was great meeting everyone in the dinner group. And quite a meal we had there.

For future references, here is a breakdown for price comparison.

S$76.00 = Chilli Crab (large @ 1.9kg)
S$76.00 = Black Pepper Crab (large @ 1.9kg)
S$80.00 = Golden Crab (large @ 2.0kg)
S$12.00 = Spicy Morning Glory aka sambal kangkong (medium)
S$4.00 = Deep-Fried Bun aka mantou (8pcs)
S$5.60 = Steamed Rice (7 bowls)

That is what we had and more than sufficient for 7 people. With drinks, and pre-dinner snacks etc, it came up to be ~S$297 excluding the 10% service charge and 7% GST. And that adds up to be S$50 pax. I thought that is pretty decent for a meal right by the merlion.

By the way, we received another 4 "S$60 off S$150 on food item" coupons after the meal (expiring on 30 June 2009). And since they were issued by the restaurant, there is no restriction on the specific mode of payment. So if you're heading over to SIN and has a craving for crab, send me a note and I'll figure a way to pass you the coupon.

Let's see if the picture-posting works on here.

A side note:
First-timer: go for the chilli crab, after all that is what SIN is known for.
Frequent visitor: do what the locals do, go for the pepper crab
Seasoned visitor: you have to give the golden crab a try

And for the folks who were there last night, welcome to the frequent crab-eater program. You were upgraded from the red, to the black and all the way to the gold status in one night. Well done!!!
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