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Originally Posted by KenF View Post
Agree with the above, but the rules change I was referring to was the one in the latest *A lounge access rules. Previously, the rules said you needed a "same day F or C ticket", now they say you need a "Same day F or C ticket departing from the same airport as the lounge" which effectively denies lounge access based on class of travel on a connecting flight. This will not affect LH as long as it has at least C on all flights, but it will be a real hardship when dealing with airlines which have "one-class" short-haul connectors, such as BD. I can't see what loophole they were trying to fix, as this change only really inconveniences paid premium itineraries. The airlines main bugbear seems to be "lounge hoppers" (like Willard) and that change does not seem to affect the ability to visit many different *A lounges if you have a premium ticket!
My view is that the recent changes in *A Lounge access rules may have originated with US based airlines. We all know how much the RCC likes to exclude entry to US based flyers. Under the previous rules, a US based flyer on an international F itinerery with a domestic connection to/from a US hub would have access to lounges at 2 domestic airports both ways. Under the revised rules he would only have lounge access domestically at the hub airport on the outbound sector.
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