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Originally Posted by littlevoices View Post
Hmm, a bit off topic, but, is this a side-rule to stop people starting in FRA just to then go to ZRH to experience two first class lounges in a single trip?
Only slightly OT, and in any event, no!

The LH FCT/FCL's in FRA are outside the *A lounge access rules anyway, as it appears the SR FCL in ZRH is becoming too

So, you can still do this AFAIK - there are still people confirming having done this quite recently on the M&L board.

I'm not really sure what loophole they thought they were fixing with that change, unless *A members were getting antsy about giving F-lounge access at every point to someone on an itinerary like HKG(J)->SIN(J)->BKK(F)->LHR.

But if so it would seem to be a very small percentage of travelers and a lot of collateral damage to "real" F passengers with local connectors on regional one-class flights.


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