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Part IV - Hong Kong to Macau

I had a day spare towards the end of the trip so i caught the ferry to Macau to see the 'Las Vegas of the East,' as National Geographic so enticingly put it. I made use of the mid-levels escalator (which is by far the greatest piece of urban development i have ever seen) to get from my aunt and uncle's apartment to the harbour and then walked along one of the ubiquitous Hong Kong elevated walkways to get to the ferry terminal.

Arriving at the terminal at 0945, the earliest ferry available was the 1105 TurboJet service. I also booked a return for 2100 that evening - later than anticipated as you can try your luck as standby for an earlier ferry, but you cant change to a later one.

I cleared immigration and entered a large holding area from which 7 or 8 boarding gates seemed to diverge.

A queue appeared to be forming around 1050 and i mistakenly believed this to be a boarding queue, despite the telling absence of a ferry of any kind. The queue moved swiftly and i soon realised that it was for seat allocation. A staff member peeled a sticker off a seat map and attached it to my boarding pass, thankfully honouring my verbal request for a window seat.

Seat allocation queue

Boarding pass

The scene at 1115

At 1120 a ferry arrived at the gate and soon after a mass of people, myself included, shuffled slowly down some stairs, across the heaving gangway and onto the ferry itself.

Arriving ferry

Cabin shot

My seat

Leg room shot - This time on a BOAT!

I filled out my Macau arrival card immediately and put it in my bag. After the ferry left port i actually fell asleep for around 20 minutes, which is rare for me - i normally never sleep on any mode of transport.

Service consisted of staff walking down each aisle a few times offering pax the buy on board menu. I only saw one person order anything - a paper cup of western style tea.

Before long the ferry docked in Macau and with some trepidation i stepped off the boat and began only my second solo travel expedition, although this time was only for the day. The tourist information office was most helpful in pointing me in the direction of Senado Square and for the first time ever i walked out of an asian airport and nobody offered me a taxi. It almost felt wrong.

Next up - a fantastic day in Macau!
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