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Part III - Melbourne to Hong Kong

I felt quite average as we sped through the deserted streets, extreme fatigue causing me to imagine conversations that simply had never occurred and to think we were actually running late for the flight when in fact the trip took much less time than expected. A familiar shiver ran down my spine as i strode into the international terminal and once again the departure boards filled me with a wonder and excitement that nothing else in life can replicate.

STD 0735 ATD 0740
STA 1450 ATA 1500
Seat 56K
Aircraft Airbus A330-X00

Having checked in online (but of course forgetting my OLCI reciept) i was the only person in the dedicated OLCI queue at 0530. There was one agent to service this queue and just as my turn came he was asked to check in a group of Indian students who had been asked to repack their bags to meet weight restrictions, for the third time. I smiled to myself, thinking of my parents being in the exact same situation in the 1980s when they were students in New Zealand. In any case i didnt mind the delay.

Steve was a fantastic check in agent. He verified that i had the last window seat on the plane and that it was going to be a very full flight. I thanked him for his time and skipped off to McDonalds for my ritual pre-flight feed.

I was soon airside and scored myself a (really dirty) seat directly infront of the windows overlooking my ride to Hong Kong. By this stage my fatigue was of epic proportions and i only recall seeing PR arrive from MNL and the gradual lightening of the apron with the rise of the sun.

Boarding commenced and i was soon aboard CX134 with thankfully for me has a 2-4-2 layout in Y. I admired the new seats and praised god for the fact that noone would recline into my space for the next 9 hours.

Leg room

I feel asleep immediately, missing distribution of menus and vaguely remembering a long takeoff roll. The first meal was served about 2 hours into the flight. I chose the western breakfast and it was fantastic. The first tasty breakfast i have had in the air since i last flew with Air India :-)

After breakfast i played around a bit with CX Studio and was amazed at its speed and ease of use. All responses were instant and i never had to wait for any loading screens. Very impressive! It was quite simply the best IFE i have experienced with the exception of EK ICE on the B777-300ER that i had DXB-BOM late last year.

Extremely bad photo of IFE System

A drinks run was made and then the second meal was served. It was a beef dish of some sort and was similarly delicious.

I had my seat reclined for most of the flight, its not particularly comfortable to sleep on (or in) but initially it does give you the impression of 'reclining' despite just moving your lower body forward. Combined with leaning against the aircraft fuselage it was more than adequate to get some shut eye.

I watched a few more movies and then gazed out the window on approach to HKG. After landing i marvelled at the aircraft from all over the world.

Immigration took an eternity, and i was lucky enough to have timed my arrival with that of approximately 1 million Vietnamiese tour groups. Still, i was out of baggage claim and onto the Airport Express train all in a matter of minutes.

Up next; An international ferry trip - a first for me.
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