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Part II - The Lead up -

No beginning to a break from university would be complete without a large evening of excess to celebrate. To this end after a 10 hour day of work and university i attended a large house party in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton. Many beers were drunk and many an obscenity hurled at passing motorists. I returned home at 4am with a souvlaki in hand and promptly collapsed into bed leaving half of it uneaten.

Good friday dawned brightly through my open window and signaled a large swedish man to begin rhythmically striking my head with a baseball bat. Why? I asked myself, Why? Will i ever learn the evils of alcohol?
However my splitting head was the least of my worries, nor was the fact that in 24 hours i would be winging my way to Hong Kong and didnt even know where my passport was. No, i was preoccupied with the coming of Trance Energy, the European dance music event occuring in Melbourne for the first time. I won't bore you with specifics but a photo summary of the day would look something like this:

After a full day of dancing i made it home at 1am on the day i was due to leave for Hong Kong. My girlfriend had offered to drive me to the airport and would be along shortly. We had planned to leave at 0430 for a 0730 flight, as her car is quite unreliable and i quite like watching planes at the airport.

I hurriedly packed my bag and found my passport, completed OLCI (selecting the last window seat on the plane) and snatched a fitful 1 hour of sleep, bringing my grand total for the preceding 2 days to 4 hours. After a last minute check of my bags and farewell to my parents i was away.
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