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Ok from where I left off so urgently….

So after the March and the quick Train trip back to the starting point, I joined the Unit for Lunch at the Menzies Hotel for the annual luncheon. It was a good lunch (although service was appallingly slow). With lunch completed I caught up with a friend for a few beers and ended up winning $10 on Two Up.

With the day winding to a close I passed out around 930pm after two nights of little sleep.

Sunday 26th April

Awoke early again and headed to breakfast. Unfortunately this time the Pancake machine was broken but I did manage to get a photo of this glorious machine. After checking out it was a day of spending time with the family before jumping on the train back to the airport about 3:15pm.

Arrived at the airport with no effort and after the short walk from the Station to T3, I used one of the quick check terminals to grab my boarding pass. As I was heading home in whY I had to join the rather large Bag Drop Queue and waited around 15 mins.

After dropping my bags and being told it was a full flight (this turned out to be false) I headed for security. Not wanting to repeat the incident regarding belt and watch I decided to dump everything I had into my carry on and let it go through that way. Walked through the metal detector… no beep... Thank god. Then it happened. A security guard says “Can I see the contents of your bag please; we suspect you have a knife in there.” If this was the US, I’d probably have like a million TSA guys all over me right now. I advised them I didn’t have any knives but I am more than willing to show them what it is. Opened my bags, pulled out my keys and gave it to them.
They had seen a metal key ring that is a Night Club membership and assumed it was a knife. Idiots! So during this process I also got swabbed for Explosives! More embarrassment!! After finally being able to leave the screening point I moved away and found some internet located conveniently near my gate!

Scheduled 1705>1835
Boeing 737-400 – Seat 22F
VH-TJR – “Cockatiel”

This time we boarded early actually as the boarding announcement was a surprise to me. This time no staggered boarding like in previous flights just a free for all… which doesn’t help. This plane also had the new Domestic Interior, apart from the Business class seats. These were the old ones but maybe that had something to do with this aircraft having convertible seats not proper J class. I had not been on a 400 in 3 or 4 years so forgot about the TV’s that hang low in the middle of the cabin and almost smacked into one.

Boarding was completed and it was a full flight, safety demonstration was played again but as there are no side monitors I couldn’t really see it as the overhead bins cut off half the screen. It was a full flight and I was seated next to two very different seat mates. Both quite annoying! Making fun of anything they could. Luckily the Earplanes I have to wear cut out a lot of their noise

Long Taxi through to 34R and then a very quick and spirited departure. As we climbed out we headed out over the ocean first, saw the Pacific Dawn as it departed Sydney Harbour and we crossed land at Stockton Beach near Newcastle. That was about all I could tell as the sun was setting on the Port side of the aircraft.

After a quick snack service of Chips, Salsa and drinks (I only got a Bundaberg Ginger Beer because I wasn’t hungry) It was a very slow decent into Brisbane. We landed on 01 with a very big bounce and was wondering if the Captain and First Officer were experienced, as they sounded quite young. Being that I was right up the back of the Aircraft had to wait a very long time to get off the aircraft and make my way to baggage.

And that is where this story ends. Thank you all. If you have any tips or anything on writing a trip report I would appreciate it as I have a very big TransPac trip coming up so this was a preparation to that.
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