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Caribe Hilton

We stayed at the Caribe Hilton on 1/3 - 1/4. The hotel only re-opened 8 days prior. The staff at the hotel was GREAT! They are friendly, outgoing, and very helpful. However, they still have some issues to resolve -- which some of you who may be staying there would want to know about:

1. No Casino. The Spa will not be ready until 2002.

2. The hotel is still under construction, though I would say 80% of it is done. It would have been nice if the hotel told my travel agent that when she contacted the hotel for my reservations.

3. Dont count on a wake-up call -- we did and it never came. Thank goodness we did not miss our flight.

4. Housekeeping is good when it shows up. We had to call twice in one day to get our room made up. The housekeeper finally showed up at 7pm.

5. If you are staying in a double room, dont ask for a cot -- they "are not provided in those types of rooms"

6. If you use their super cheap rate ($167/night) from the web, dont expect a room upgrade if you are gold or above. I was told that I received an upgraded room -- yeah -- to a higher floor. I know there were tower rooms available (I checked the web) but did not get into it with the hotel since none of us felt like moving rooms.

7. Bring along your own alarm clock -- they do not provide one in the room.

8. Check you bill carefully -- we know there were additional charges on the room bill -- they were corrected once we brought it to their attention.

9. No expidited check-out -- had to stop by the desk.

Just some things to keep in mind....

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