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Originally Posted by RustyC View Post
I think the Spirit FAs generally do well under very stressful circumstances. Sometimes they overdo the drill-sergeant bit on the loudspeaker (i.e. without visible cause), and one time I heard the "We're here, now beat it" announcement because apparently the plane had a quick turnaround.

I tend to set the bar very low on expectations, as I have flown other ULCCs (like Air Asia and Tiger Airways and now Allegiant-see my recent Trip Report there) quite a bit. Am also a real bottom-fisher on the fare sales, being lucky enough to have flexibility to bend the work schedules.

I do sense a real cynicism on the part of upper management at Spirit. They obviously don't take any customer threats to switch carriers very seriously, believing price is king. The recent $9.80 "passenger usage fee" masquerading as a tax really takes the cake. I guess adding $5 per leg to the sale fares was just too straightforward.
I have to agree there - ALL airlines need to just adjust their fares, so the fare you find in a search is the TOTAL amount you pay - like it used to be. Add-on fees are a real turnoff. Yes - I think it's OK to charge extra for food/beverage, or even entertainment: ONCE YOU'RE IN THE AIR. But, things that should be part and parcel of the travel experience shouldn't cost extra. (I also think retailers should work sales taxes into prices quoted, so you know immediately what "price" you're paying - they do it in Europe, and it works like a charm).
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