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Originally Posted by brp View Post
This is where we disagree. Since the rule does not actually exist as a rule, I feel that someone invoking it as a rule could annoy whomever they are dealing with and have them not be as accommodating, especially if that person actually thinks it's a rule that they're entitled to.

AA seem to do this because it's a good practice, not because they have to. If someone thought the rule were real and told AA that they "have to" do this because of rule 240/80 or whatever other number, it could backfire. I don't think knowing the number of a travel agent suggestion (something that actually used to be a rule years ago) helps.

Others may find it valuable to have access to the terms of a nonexistent "rule" though.

It seems semantics is the issue here. Rule 240 was abandoned 30 years ago when the CAB was dissolved. It no longer exists as a Federal regulation. True

However, AA has chosen, as a policy, to continue to offer protection to its passengers under certain conditions. These conditions are outlined here:


AA has the right to modify this policy at any point in time. As long as it is published, for the whole world to see, it remains my position that a pax who has been inconvenienced by AA should know about this AA rule, cite it and apply it to correct the problem that AA created. You generally get more by being polite and not demanding, but that is not unique to schedule protection discussions.
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