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Have you ever been allowed to 'owe' miles when using miles to make a booking?

I am hoping to book PE flights to Orlando when I can book outbound next week.
I have 67,848 so can book one with that.My other half and two off-spring have 37,848 so two of those can be combinded for another ticket.BUT my other son who declined to come on holiday last month (mad fool!) only has 26,157.So I have one with 37,848 and one with 26,157,5,000+ miles short to combine them for the 62,500 I need for PE.

I was told you always have to have half and half and could never book owing them miles.

But when I called yesterday to ask the exact date I need to call up a really nice guy said he couldn't see why I couldn't book all 3 flights,I would fall short just over 5,000 miles but as I had sent miles more friends cards to 2 families,he would allow me to book it with the assurance that more miles will be arriving.The problem is he is not in next week I can forsee speaking to another person who will dismiss this idea out of hand.You kniow how Virgin is a company where you can get different levels of helpfulness and service depending on who you speak to.I have even hung up before when getting no joy,called back and found someone who can and will help you.

So my question is,has anyone experince of being allowed to do this,or will i be unlucky next week?

Cheers for any advice

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