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I gotta say, if its not too much work, its great to write in to DL and recognize when an airline employee goes above and beyond. I personally know how much it sucks when sometimes management knows nothing about what goes on (some stations are OK, other times management has no idea because they don't leave their offices. They have their favorites and its impossible to get ahead.)
Theres been times that I've stayed for 18 hours when everyone on my shift goes home after 8 just to make sure that everyones bags are there, everything leaves on time, deicing is covered, we are prepared for APU inop planes that need airstarts (if a station isn't prepared and don't have working equipment, I've seen planes take 2 hour delays because of unprepared people) Unfortunately I work on the ramp. Had a better job, but the flight benefits lured me in and are keeping me here.
Every time somebody writes in to recognize a job well done, it makes it all worth it.
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