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Originally Posted by NK_Flyer View Post
I wish we would go to GSP! Any new market is a good thing. Sadly I think that any new domestic destinations will be few and far between. Most new destinations will probably be central/south america.

We do have some great people working here. The thing is we are an Ultra Low Cost Carrier, so the base fare is low and you pay for everthing else. A lot of people are ok with that and we have a lot of repeat customers. Some dont like that and cant believe they have to pay for everything, they say they will never fly us again...until their next trip. I can only speak for myself but we dont always agree with what the company wants us to do, but we do it anyway...hey at least we have a job, a lot of people in this industry have lost their jobs, and I dont want to lose mine! I love my job!! And yes we are limited with what we can do for the customer but we give 200% to try to give the customer the best possible travel experience
The GSP market is used to that model - G4 has been serving GSP for a couple years now, and has recently added a 4th destination. I think, given a non-Florida destination, GSP would support NK service. Don't know if NK is looking at adding point-to-point routes, but LAS or LGA would probably do well. Possibly even FLL, if marketed as a cheap gateway to S. America.
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