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As the hotel checkout is noon, I decided to try for the
earlier flight. The agent said that it was 50-, so I pulled
out my credit card ... then she said elites are exempt, so
I put back my card and promptly forgot where I'd stuck it,
causing a fine little panic (she was supposed to go on
break but offered to delay her break! until I found it; I
told her no, go on break, and eventually I found it anyhow).

Security took one minute, despite or perhaps because of the
huge multiplicity of lanes.

I had time to try out Paschal's, where I had a fairly bland
fried chicken leg with very bland rice (converted) and
decent collards cooked with smoked pork hock. 50% more than
Popeye's (and twice what Popeye's costs in the real world)
and about minus 50% better.

US3165 ATL PHL 1450 1658 E75 2A
was 3460 1728 1940 E70 3F

It's a mile to the US Air gates, and there's a terminal
even farther out (I wonder what unfortunate airlines are
relegated to that area), puff puff. Boarded a little late
and took off a little late. My seatmate had bought a new
double bowling ball bag and had cleverly put his boarding
pass for his connecting flight to MKE in it. And, as this
was an RJ, he had to check the bag. Bye, bye boarding pass.
So he was fretting amusingly. I said not to worry.

The flight went without a hitch, and we landed a few
minutes early. I got my seatmate into the club, where he was
fixed up expeditiously by Hoa, the attendant, and I presume
all went okay. I excused myself and went to the RCC, where I
complained to the woman at the front desk that I hadn't
received my renewal card. She issued me a month temporary
card after confiscating and destroying my old card, the
danger being that there might be two of me, I guess.

A Numi "Simply Mint Moroccan Herbal Teasan" (Ingredient:
organic Moroccan mint) was just the relaxing thing I needed.
It tastes a little like mint, a little like dope.

Did the e-mail and the FT, and off to the bar, where the
chips and salsa were an almost exact duplicate of that at
the Caramba place. No draft beer! They were supposed to be
getting some in, but at this point there were neither kegs
nor mugs, but meanwhile, might I be interested in an
umbrella drink (pleasant blonde bartender pointing to
mockups at the bar)? No, thank you, Sam Adams in a bottle.

I rode the RCC to closing time, then ducked in briefly to
the B-C US club, where I was greeted like an old friend,
which I am.

US 769 PHL BOS 2030 2146 319 3D

This was a perfectly decent flight, complete with 2/3 of a
bottle of Stone Cellars Cabernet. We took off and landed on
time. Waiting for my bag I encountered a toddler who wanted
to know about my guitar. His mother said "it's probably a
violin," so I took the thing out and let him play a few
guided notes on it. He was fascinated by the instrument,
and I hope a few years hence he remembers this. My bag,
tagged with a Star Alliance priority tag, was the first
out, and off I went into the 25 degree night.

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